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McMurdo Fastfind Max 406 PLB

 McMurdo Fastfind Max 406 PLB
Brand: McMurdo

Price: $549.99

Fastfind 406 PLB
Fastfind PLB 82-826-004A

The smallest and lightest Personal Location Beacon in the world The Fastfind standard 406MHz Personal Location Beacon has all the features of the Fastfind Plus but without GPS. The 406MHz frequency provides an alert signal to the rescue services within 90 minutes maximum, depending on satellite passes and gives a positional accuracy within 3nm. Once in the vicinity the 121.5MHz transmitter provides a signal for the rescue services to home-in on. This information is more than sufficient to enable rescue services to find a vessel or individual in distress particularly if equipped with flares and lifejacket light.

  • Weighs just 9 oz.
  • Global alert to Cospas-Sarsat satellites
  • 406MHz transmitter
  • 121.5MHz homing frequency
  • Alert time within 90 minutes
  • Positional accuracy to within 3 m
  • Compact and stylish
  • Complete with lanyard and designer carry case
  • User replaceable battery packs (-4oF or -40oF)

The Fastfind Plus and Fastfind Personal Location Beacons feature the same advanced technology as found in the award winning Rescue and Precision 406 GPS EPIRBs. Designed using miniaturized components to fit into an aesthetically styled compact casing both versions employ a simple three-stage manual operation and feature user replaceable battery packs, which are available for use in temperatures of -4 and -40 degrees Fahrenheit. Carrying the Fastfind could not be simpler, there are a number of easy fixing options which either come as standard or as optional extras. Bother versions are supplied with a lanyard and designer carry case to enable the user to keep the PLB safely attached at all times. These latest advanced products from McMurdo/Pains-Wessex have been designed to provide recreational and professional boaters, aviators as well as outdoorsmen with the very best chance of being found without delay at sea in an emergency.

  • Global coverage the Cospas-Sarsat polar orbiting satellites
  • Geostationary coverage >75oN - 75oS
  • Comprehensive indication of operation
  • 121.5MHz transmission
  • 406 MHz transmission
  • GPS acquisition and fix status
  • Integral 12 channel parallel GPS receiver
  • GPS cold start time to fix typically less than 3 minutes
  • GPS transmitted position update rate every 20 minutes (as permitted by Cospas-Sarsat)
  • GPS reacquisition time, typically less than 60 seconds
  • Positional accuracy typically 98 feet
  • Time to alert, typically three minutes (via geostationary satellite)




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